Automated house 2.0 – #16 The Wiring has Begun!

just a quick update this time, however an interesting one. On Monday these cords were provided by epitome Living as the electricians started their very first repair wiring.

Hiding on the far left of the picture above is a box of Cat6. best for our PoE cam positions around the house, now as well as in the future.

Next up we have a kilometre of Cat6a for general data tasks throughout the house, linking as much as all our UniFi kit. Whilst this may seem like overkill, particularly as we’re only utilizing 1Gbps switching, this facilities will allow 10Gbps networking internally in the future, in addition to supply choices for dependable HDMI distribution must that be needed later too.

I’ll come back to that purple reel above the Cat6a shortly.

Front as well as centre in eco-friendly is 500m of Loxone Tree cable. This is a hybrid cord bring high present 24v DC for Tree light fittings over 2 x 1.5mm cores, in addition to a twisted pair to power switches as well as sensors. There’s one more twisted pair in there as well which serves as a data link for every Tree device. We have a lot more of this cord on the method to us too.

The pink cable next to this is 14/4 speaker Cable. This is a 4 core 14 AWG (approx 1.5mm) cord which feeds stereo audio into a room. We can then link over to the other speaker from the very first one. utilizing this single 4 core cord saves running 2 physical cords back to the rack. It’s likewise best for a single “stereo” speaker, e.g. one with 2 tweeters. The purple cord on top of Cat6a on the left hand side is 14/2 speaker Cable. This is beneficial for direct links to private speakers.

Then we have the 250m of orange CAT7 utilized for general IO (inputs as well as outputs). For example, a basic doorbell at the back door, any type of basic retractive switches that are required, interaction with the garage doors as well as connections to the MVHR system. Cat7 has individually shielded pairs as well as brings somewhat (but only slightly) higher currents than Cat6a. Also, from a system style point of view, having cord in one more colour truly assists to determine these IO gadget runs.

In black we have great old WF100 COAX. While whatever in the AV world is moving towards IP, we’re still enabling for a terrestrial antenna as well as cabling for a satellite meal to see us with the next few years.

Finally in this photo is the white flex. This is 4 Core, which has been specified for the low voltage connections to motors, such as the electric windows as well as blinds. Not visualized is the 3 Core as well as earth for 230v motors on blinds at the other windows.

Other cords that didn’t make this photoshoot include T&E (Twin as well as Earth) for any type of 230v illumination fixtures, in addition to a 5 Core flex that we’re utilizing for all LED strip work.

We’ve got about 10 days now up until the interior plaster work starts as well as our chance to bury any type of a lot more cord in these walls vanishes. So, what have I forgotten?!



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